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Non-Profit Numbers started in New York City in 2007, serving small and emerging grass-roots not-for-profit entities in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens borroughs. It has now relocated to San Francisco and East Bay Area. Our core service is installation and design of custom accounting system, business infrastructure and effective workflow.  We help you choose and install accounting applications that suits your tight budget, but is fully functional and responsive to your needs today and beyond. We walk you through the process of ensuring that your selfless undertaking has passed the initial stage - Organizing and creating a non-profit, think ahead, aim to grow and do something more good.

Our experience in audit will help you prepare your Accounting staff how to survive rigorous review and work with your auditors to ensure smooth and timely completion. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality services tailored to your caring needs and demanding requirements of your stakeholders, the public, government, foundations or private entities. Our expansive and deep knowledge in financial analysis, budget and planning will allow you to create dashboards, templates and tools allowing you to see and measure your effectiveness, focus on areas that require your attention and development.

NPNumbers' goal is to make your grassroot non-profit an efficient organization that will withstand the on-going demands and requirements of your funding sources.  Your organization and current staff will have the confidence in implementing the best accounting practices.  We coach your staff to become confident and acquire knowledge and confidence in fund accounting, grant management, reporting and compliance.  We build TEAMS -  Thoughtful, Effective, Accountable, Motivated Staff.

Laying the cornerstone and strong foundation is key.  Evidently, lack of foresight and vision when planning an accounting system impedes the delivery of current services.  That's where NPNumbers counts.  

The general public  who gives their most hard-earned dollars deserves to know how their monies are spent.  Foundations and private corporations will be continuously generous towards your cause when accountability is easily measured.  Government agencies are eager to work with fiscally sound, diligent and conscientious entities like yours. 



Going concern is a principle. 
Thank you for the opportunity for making us your partner to serve the greater good.

Your turn-key to integrity in numbers